We are a wife/husband team (with help from our 11yr old son) and have been selling LEGO full time for over 2 years.  While LEGO is a family hobby, BrickOwl is not a hobby to us - it's not something we just do on the weekends or when we have time - it's a business. So we take it, and your orders, seriously, and treat you professionally: Fast handling and shipping times; professional packaging (no loose pieces in envelopes!); excellent customer service. While they are rare, mistakes are inevitable, and we take full responsibility for them. We will go out of our way to more than make it up to you. If there is a mistake, you won't hear excuses, just sincere apologies and solutions! 

We do our best to provide you a quick and easy buying experience, with exceptional customer service.

  • Fast processing and shipping on all orders.
  • Tracking provided on every shipment. (U.S. and select international countries)
  • Professional packaging. No loose pieces in reused envelopes.
  • Invoices / order numbers included with each package. (U.S.)
  • No minimum orders.
  • Flat $3.99 shipping and handling fees for domestic first class items.
  • No extra charges, fees, or surprises. Ever. (Other than insurance on high-value orders)
  • If we make a mistake, will will fix it and work with you until you are happy, even at our expense!
  • Worldwide shipping

Visit our Store Terms page for all specific details.

Our shipping and handling fees are flat and upfront - for both domestic and international orders.
View our store terms to see all shipping costs before placing your order.

Email: message through BO (preferred method) or email jasonmlatta@gmail.com. (We respond quickly)